3D printing makes life easier

Hello, everyone. I am Kevin, a newbie in 3D printing but willing to share my own experience to help people in 3D printing. Today, I would like to share a design that I did yesterday.

As we all know, Asians are used to eating with chopsticks. So a chopstick collection basket is necessary if there is no disinfection cabinet.

However, traditional chopstick storage boxes are cylindrical, like the picture below. Whenever we wash our chopsticks, we put them inside, and sometimes we can’t make sure that the water on the chopsticks dries thoroughly. After a long time, the bottom of the storage box will breed some bacteria and mold. The bamboo chopsticks look black and very unclean. Because bacteria like that damp, dark environment too much.

Stainless steel chopstick box
ceramic chopstick box
Plastics chopstick box

There are many ways to solve this problem, such as disinfection cabinets with drying functions, but not every family has one.

Another method is to make a grid or holes design at the bottom of containers so that the water could leak out. This method is used in most chopstick storage containers, but it can not solve the problem completely.

Because after long-term use, the bacteria will still be cultivated at the bottom unless washing it frequently. However, the problem is that you can’t see whether the bottom of the container is clean or not, as you can only judge whether the chopsticks are clean based on whether the chopsticks are black.

One day you suddenly find a lot of black mold on your chopsticks. Will you still have the stomach for dinner?


It is too late as you have already eaten dinner with these unclean things several times.

Moldy chopstick

Therefore, Here I would like to introduce today’s main character-Replaceable filters Chopsticks container.

It looks very ordinary, right? Let’s look at the internal structure!

It will take less than 1 hour to print a replaceable filter, so you can change it every two or three days to keep your chopsticks clean!

I have already uploaded the model onto the forum Download page. If anyone has interested in this print, please feel free to download it. https://forums.creality3dofficial.com/download/3d-models/.

Although only Asians use chopsticks, I guess they can be used when you need to put some wet tools. It is the first print I designed by myself and I found that it is not too hard and it is so interesting. Thanks for 3D printing as it made my design come true!

Design Competition Questionnaire

Finally, I would like to ask if our forum holds a 3D model design competition, will anyone be willing to participate? Just like the design contest reported by Prusa. And what would you like the prize to be? Maybe you’ll be the winner of the inaugural Creality Design Competition.