3D Printer Screen Issues

ENDER3 v2 Screen

The 3D printer screen is a surface area upon which text, graphics, and video are temporarily made to appear for human viewing. It is like a bridge between the printer and the users, we can only send the instructions to the printer through the screen.

However, sometimes we got issues with the screen and we can not control the test when the screen got something wrong. So the screen issue is kind of a tricky thing. In this article, I will show you some tips on how to check your printer when the screen failed.

Issue 1: Blue screen

How to fix it

Issue 2: Display garbled/jumping/page switching

  • We will firstly suspect the electrostatic interference.
  • The display itself did not pass the stress resistance testing.
  • Motherboard issue.

How to fix it

Issue 3:The screen does not light up

  1. If the voltage of the two pins is 5V, it is a screen problem. Replace it!
  2. If the voltage is not 5V, then the mainboard problem. Replace it!

Another method if you do not have a multimeter. Please connect the USB cable to the power supply to see if the screen lights up.

  1. If yes, then the screen is ok, the mainboard got something wrong.
  2. If no, then it is a screen problem.

Please remove the BL-touch adapter board from the motherboard and connect the display port directly to the motherboard using the display cable. Then reboot the computer and see if the display can light up. 

  1. If the display can light up, that BL-touch adapter board fails.
  2. If the display still can not light up. Then you need to go back to the step of checking the voltage of the pins of the display (5V). To use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the motherboard display port is 5V to make sure the screen is fine.

Alright, I think I have summarized all the issues and fix methods that you may meet on screen. If there is something missing or incorrect, please feel free to leave your comments and I will reply to them as soon as possible. Good luck and enjoy your printing life! Have a nice day to you all!

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One response to “3D Printer Screen Issues”

  1. hello

    ive made an error by installing TH3D screen , on my ender 3 v2 , is it possible to delete this screen
    ,but i want to reverse to the original screen from CREALITY. how can i do this. i tried re install the firmware
    and it doesnt work , still having the TH3D screen. and i have no more menu etc…

    thank you
    lucien paquette