2020 Black Friday&Cyber Monday 3D Printer Shopping Guide

By Jason Chen& Eli Liu

2020 Black Friday&Cyber Monday 3D Printer Shopping Guide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just right around the corner! Are you ready shopping for yourself, or pick up a gift for your loved one? Want to get something unique, eye-catching and practical, but having trouble to pick? Maybe this article can help you.


In now time, 3D printing becomes really popular, and accessible. There are so many great advantages of 3D printing technology, which include Integrated manufacturing moulding, relatively low material cost, Complexity& freedom of design, customization and sustainability. But to the regular customers like you, 3D printing provides you with a chance to make your own design or dream come true! Interested to hear more about 3D printing? Check this out.


There are many 3D printers out there, want to figure out which printer is the ideal one? Overall, it depends on what you expect out of it.

1. Most advanced and hassle-free 3D printer:  CR-6 SE

If you are not a mechanical background person but interested in engineering and cool machines. The CR-6 SE 3D printer is one of the most advanced products. You can use it to print many 3D models at your home, office and any other indoor places. Its solid structure, low running noise and high printing quality make 3D printing so easy and reliable. CR-6 SE is a good choice as a personal tool and a gift.

Similar option:  Ender 3 V2.

2. Super-duper Printing size: Ender 5 Plus 

If you know 3D printers and have printed some 3D models, you would probably realize that the print size is important. A small print volume will limit the model size and prevent you from printing large items. Ender 5 plus can help. The engineers put many great features on Ender 5 plus: stronger frame structure, touch screen, silent mainboard, auto leveling, and most importantly, large print size. The maximum print size is 350*350*400mm, which allows to you print more large models like customs.

Similar option:  CR-10S ProV2.

3. The best budget 3D printer : Ender 3

Ender 3 has its reputation among the FDM 3D printers for a long time and people still like it and use it nowadays even though it is a 5-years-ago product. The main reason why Ender 3 is so popular is that Ender 3 has the lowest price (under$200), but its designs are reasonable and its structure is robust. It is amazing that a cheap 3D printer can print high-quality 3D models. What’s more, Ender3 has the potentials for upgrades. Many people add or change the printer’s components according to their preference and turn it into a more powerful and delightful machine.

Similar option: Ender-3 PRO, CR-10,CR-20.

4. Reliable Resin Printer: LD-002R

Fan of board game or miniatures? LD-002R can help you print them out! Resin 3D printers are popular for producing high-accuracy, isotropic, and watertight prototypes and parts in a range of advanced materials with fine features and smooth surface finish. That’s why people usually choose Resin printer to make those miniatures. LD-002R adopts the “LCD selective area light transmission principle” molding technology. The LD-002R 3D printer integrates many functional technologies in printing accuracy, printing speed and product functions, and has nine high-end configurations, making the new LD-002R available for more market choices.

Similar option: LD-002H

Where, When and What price to buy?

First of all, It is important that buy via official channel. No like other electronics, 3D printer needs maintenance, and mod or upgrade sometimes. It is important that you buy from official or authorized seller so there is a warranty to cover any non-necessary cost. Creality Office Store offers amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount during Nov 26th-Dec 1st,2020. Most of popular printers are on sale of 10%-20% off! Check it out here. Also, If you on a tight budge, maybe buying a official refurbished Creality 3D printer is another great budget option.  You can always find exclusive coupon code on Couponupto.

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